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Daily Prompt: Year 2016

Dont know where to start from, if asking about only 2016 , then yeah from last 4 years , 2016 was okay .. various good things happened, and I escaped myself from going into the lost world.

Things which I improved in last year –

1 )  First, divert my mind from heartbroken feeling to game/movies etc and then later these things too.

2)  I started to spend time with my mom which is the most awesome thing.

3) Started taking life positivily and started to take intrest in what happening around world.

4) Yeah some days talked to my old love because of habit but we both know that things will happen again as before and feelings were changed completely of both so It was better be seprated without talking.

5) I started using Quora which made me more positive person , really i want to thank all person who showed me that one heartbreak is not the end of life and life goes on.

6) In Quora , read many inspirational stories which motivated me to do something good for self as well for others.

7) Unlike 2013-15, 16 gave me some memories of friends which i enjoyed with them whether it was IIT TRIP with class students , or IMAMBARA seeing with school frnds or revisited lucknow zoo with class frnds after 7th sem.

8) Now I don’t think of getting just pass or just being average , i think of gain success , be better person.

9) One more change , started to liking badshah, raftaar songs too.

Yes these good things happened in 2016 .

And I hope that in 2017 I could become more better person and do real hard work rather than just thinking about hard work because i know now , without hard work I am gonna be average forever which I don’t want now .

I wish to be have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 for everyone ( including me 😉 )


U n me together.. make it all seem right..

Teraaa saath mil gyaa ..
Ye jaahaan khil gyaa …
Tujhse vaasta huaa .
Har pal hai nyaaa nyaaa …

Meri raahein tu ..
Chahein tu .. tu aa aa ….
Oh my loveee…
Tu hi hai sukoon …
Tu hi to qaraar hai meraa …
Ohhh my lovee….
Be my love ….
Ra raa raa raaa ..
Tu hi to qarar hai meraa ..
Ohh my lovee …..


Mujhko aaasra mila …
Meraa tu jo ho gyaaa ..
Puri mannatein hui ..
Mujhko to khudaa mila …
Meri rahein tu chahein tu .. tu tu aa ..
Ohh my loveee …..

Tu hi hai sukunn ….

Tu hi to pyaaar hai meraaa …
Ohhh my loveee …..

KAASH tumko roke rehtaa..

Par mumkin nhi…  Ki roke rhu..
Kuch teri majburiyan, kuch meri lachariyan…


Kuch ye dunia.. Orrr kuch uski uljhne..
Hme apne saath uljhaye hi rhti h..
Kon smjhaye is duniyaa ko..  Ki main iske saath nhi tere saath uljhnaa  chahta hu…
Aisa uljhnaa ki kbhi na suljhu..
Par duniya ko gawaara kahan..
Zaalim hai ye..  Kuch to harkte dikhayegi…
Khush rehne waalo ko alag krwayegi…
Apne saath mujhko uljhayegi..
Taaki mil na sku main tmse..
Has na sku tere saath…
Shaid isse meri jyaada khushi dekhi nhi jaati.. 
Par ek din kismat saath de to is dunia ko btaaa k rhungaa..
Kr le jitne b sitm..
Apne armaan pure krenge hum..
Jeeyenge uske saath hum..
Rok sko to rok lo tm…

Tum aise waqt saath dogi na?   😦